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Thing is, I was expecting so much from my 460 (coming from a 260). Then when I received it, I started to realized how stupid I was being, and how the 460 was just an average card for today's GPU market. So what I was hoping for with this new upgrade I am planning for, is basically a good extra 5-10 FPS or so in games like Crysis, Bad company 2, and even the new upcoming Mafia 2 (which is seem to be getting an average of like 30 FPS in the demo, which isn't making me too happy). The thought of settling for a 470, and spending the rest of my funds on a sound card sounds like a possibility but I'm not too sure if I would see THAT much of a performance difference. Whaddaya think?

PS: and about the whole upgrade for socket 1156 and stuff. Not quite sure If I really NEED to upgrade CPU wise, because today's games are still barely fully utilizing 4 cores of a CPU (I currently have a q9550 OC'd to 4), let alone me spending money on some crazy 8 thread CPU. I kinda just wanted to stick with GPU upgrades, because thats where you see the biggest FPS differences.
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