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Default Upgrade Decision

Sup HWC.

I got my EVGA gtx 460 1gb EE card like around 2 weeks ago, and I still got about 300 bucks or so to blow on PC upgrades.

I was thinking about stepping up to a 480 with EVGA's step up. It will supposedly cost me around 285 USD.
But word is that gtx460's in SLI just pwn a single 480.

Thing is, that I don't have an SLI ready board (Some Giga LGA 775 Crossfire board). And i'm just wondering if it's worth going through the PITA of trading off my board (which I do like due to its superior overclocking abilities compared to other EVGA branded LGA 775 boards). All just to save a few bucks and get a couple more FPS by going 460 SLI.

Or if I should go ahead and step up to a 480, despite the apparent poor temperature and noise levels.

Thanks in advance.


EDIT: My PSU is a TX750 Corsair, and I have fairly decent cooling (Antec 1200 with an extra 2 Yate Loons).
I am also considering a gtx 470.
The 288

Q9550 E0 stepping @ 4Ghz
Gigabyte EP45 UD3P
G.Skill pc2 8500 1066mhz RAM
Corsair TX750 Watt Power Supply
Western Digital 500gb and Seagate 500gb in RAID 0
Western Digital 250gb
Antec 1200
OCZ Vendetta 2 LGA 775 CPU cooler with bolt thru kit
XFX HD5970
Steelseries 7G Mechanical Keyboard
Samsung 305T 30 Inch 2560x1600 LCD monitor
Altec Lansing 5.1 Surround Speakers, Sennheiser HD215's, G35's
Steelseries Xai Laser Mouse
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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