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so this is my first computer build ive ever done and ive kinda gone stupid overboard but if i can pull it off it should be pretty sweet. ive done a decent amount of research and annoyed alot of people with alot of dumb questions (thanks by the way) and this is what ive come up with. please feel free to give your opinions and thoughts.

alright so this is my build.


corsair 800d
i7 920
evga x58 classified mb
6gb dominator ram
evga gtx 480
1200w antec quattro
fan conroller (still coming)
12x sythe gentle typhoon 120mm
4x sythe slip stream 140mm

water cooling bits:

xspc dual bay split res with dual ddc mounts (still coming)
2x ddc3 12v pumps
1x black ice sr1 480 rad
1x switech 480 rad
ek sup hk cpu block
ek x58 classified mb block
ek gtx 480 wb
white tubing
some quik connects
temp sensors

white and black design.

this is the first mad to the case chopped out a hole for the top sr1 480 rad to be mounted, its makes the top 5.25 bay useless but it fits nicely.

the top panel i had custom water jet cut to match the honeycomb grills. here it is mounted to the sr1 480 with 8x gentle typhoons in push pull config.

another angle to show some perspective.

shows sr1 480 asm installed inot case. its a completly seperate unit to make removal and installation alot easier only connections are fan plug in and water tubes.

second mod was to cut out another 140mm fan mounting on the mid section of the case. ill explain why later on.

mounted like so. there will also be a fourth 140mm fan mounted to the side of the hot swaps to the right.

third mod is similar to the 240 rad mod for the base of the case, removed hard drive mount cage and cut a hole in base. this was my one screw up i cut the hole without proper planning and its to large to mount a normal dust filter on so i will have to make an adapter plate wich wont look that great but atleast it wont be visible.

fourth mod is the power supply mount. removed it so that i can get a custom mounting made to that the p/s can be mounted another inch or two to the left.

the fifth and final mod is for the side panels wich are getting mesh panels made up to mount to the sides for side intake and exhausts ill also be painting a white (or glossy black i havent decided yet) corsair symbol on the side panels aswell.

this is were the switech 480 rad will be mounted and the reasoning for mods 2-5. 4x gentle typhoons will be mounted to the inside of the rad and will exhuast out the side panel and intake through the base. this is also why the psu is getting moved over to allow space for the fourth fan and area for it to breath.

another angle.

this is a shot from the psu mount hole. i put a peice or cardboard inside to show where im going to be putting a seperator plate. idea is air comes up from base goes through rad and out to the right side of case. the left side of the sperator plate in an intake from the left side panel and up through the 2x 140mm fans in the mid plate that i showed earlier. there is 2 more 140mm intake fans for the main chamber , 1 on the back and one on the hot swap bays and the exhuast is up and out the top via the sr1 480 rad asm.

i installed my waterblocks today and took some shots.

and the 480 with bits installed.

thats all for now. my side panels should be ready early next week and i still have to order some filters, a fan controller and the correct resivour and fabricate a seperator plate. everything should be ready to go in about a week or two ill keep you guys posted.
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