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Default P5Q, Antec 300, Thermalright Ultra-120

Can anyone help me with this? Advise???

I'll be putting all these together soon. I don't know what 120mm fan to use. I was thinking of getting a Noctua but I do have a S-Flex fan handy. This isn't built yet. I'm using the Q6600 from my current computer (being loaned at the moment). I think the wire clips are a pain so I was wondering if I should use a Thermalright fan holder. Do *all* 120mm fans fit in those?

I hope someone who owns all of these or at least the mobo and the heatsink can comment. Or if you just know! :)

Also, it seems that users who just have the black fan holder only use one fan while I notice a lot of the setups with the wire clips are using two fans. Does it matter? Some users claim about two degrees difference when using two fans but I guess that's not significant, huh?

I went by the pics in these links:
T.R.U.E 120 .... any users running 2 x 120mm as "Push & Pull" Fans ... ? - Overclockers Australia Forums

Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme-775 RT | Maximum PC

i7 950 stock running hot !!! help plz - techPowerUp! Forums

My current fans are Yate Loon 120mm, Scythe S-Flex-F 120mm and a SilenX 120mm (who cares, right? lol). The Antec 300 has some Tri-Cool fans and I read they're loud so maybe I'll replace them later. With the cooler orientation in a P5Q mobo (no Pro, SE, just basic model), I'm wondering how to set this up. I'm ordering a few components so I was wondering if I should get anything to add to the set up (extra clips for 2nd fan or fan holder).

Edit: I wasn't sure where to post this... 'new builds' or 'case mods' or what. I invite to move the post to wherever it's most relevant. My apologizes if it belongs somewhere else. Thanks.
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