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hd tune error scan didn't find anything damaged
the stock psu is a Bestec atx0300d5wc.... though I don't see how this can be the problem since it occurs with both power supplies. unless both happen to be broken.

I'll try to copy down the full error code when the next BSoD happens

edit: it just BSoD'ed
the error code was 0x0000001 (bunch of 0x000000000000s)

edit: Another BSoD.. this one was more detailed
0x00000D1 (0xFFFF88001041210, 0x000000000000002, 0x000000000000008, 0xFFFF88001041210)
storport.sys address FFFF8800104120 base at FFFF880010390000 Datestamp 4a5bcace

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