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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Your concerned about downtime of a stupid game? You really need to get your priorities straight.
Ugh no that was just a joke, i guess you didn't catch it. I have exams next week and all my exam reviews are posted online. Yes I can go to a library and obviously will have to. But it would be SO MUCH more convenient to stay at home. Plus, you don't get the gravity of the situation. I was sold a dead board, why should I have to inconvenience myself? But I will go through EVERY troubleshooting technique possible before rma'ing the board as that's a last resort.

I just got finished trying these steps that were suggested earlier.

1. Try a different PSU: No dice, I used a friends 750w corsair PSU
2. Use Stock Cooler. I removed my h50 and tried out the stock HSF, no dice
3. Tried the pc outside of the case still no dice.

I even researched the issue further and people said that if you get an FF error right off the bat it's the board. Since if the cpu/ram or anything else was a problem there would be an error for that. But since I'm not getting any errors its the board. The FF error is also quite common with evga boards.
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