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Originally Posted by zlojack View Post
It's not encouraging that they're not trying to bring out an absolute top performer, but instead trying to go for "good enough".

I mean, they are basically saying: "We know nVidia will make the best performer, but ours will still do great and be $200 less"
The average joe doesn't look for the absolute best card, most people look for what card gets the best performance for the money they want to spend. Sure, there are people that will pay 50% more for a card with 20% more performance, but most of the money comes from the sub-$250 range.

Also if those specs are right the 4870 should perform as good or better than the current 3870X2 (which is the best card on the planet ATM despite what people say) and that will be all the time. That should take away the Nvidia fanboys' best argument against the 3870X2: "It uses CF so it isn't faster in all games." The 4870X2 will be even faster than the 4870, up to double the speed. So I think it still could be a winner, depending on what Nvidia is doing. It seems like Nvidia isn't doing much right now considering they can't even get the 9800 series launched on time.

Originally Posted by supernode View Post
price and performance is very important considering that if they cant get the cost of computers to come close to comparsion to a home console system than you can kiss computer games good bye! thats way i see it so what amd is doing is trying to make the computer affordable and if they can than they will make more sales cause there would be no need for a console systems! If amd realeses a dual core gpu than i think they will have the gain on nividia cause i dont think they have technology to build a dual core gpu!
Exactly. Nvidia will have to do multi-GPU at some time (despite what Jen-Hsun Huang says) and this could give ATI a bit of a head start with this.
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