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Originally Posted by Sagath View Post
I dont buy that. Why did you blame Crossfire immediately before confirming your troubleshooting, and not blame Arinoth.

Until a swap/replace is done and every option in troubleshooting is done to confirm its the Motherboard, it could just as easily not be Crossfires Motherboard fault, and be Arinoths CPU, then.

You're only doing half a job right now. Either take your chances and RMA the board since you 'think' it is the board, or do a 100% job in troubleshooting before laying blame.
The only reason I jumped it to being the board was because the cpu was tested while the board wasn't. If you have to assume either, you would go with the one that's tested and not. To be 100% sure I would have to buy a new board to test the cpu, or perhaps get a friend to test it. But on top of all that, this board is known for having an FF error code which means its defective. I didnt bother to research the board before I bought on FF error codes. Didnt even know what that was till now.

Im positive its a dead board, when I get home from work ill try a few more troubleshooting like trying it outside the case, ill try a new psu and ill try using the stock cooler. Ill see if i can try the cpu in a friends machine. After all that if its confirmed the board doesnt work I'll RMA it.

Cuz rmaing the board is all I can do since he wont do refunds. I even offered to let him try it before refunding me the cash in case for some odd reason it won't work for me. I'm not trying to blame anyone really. I just want this issue fixed so I can use my PC. I have starcraft 2 sitting on my desk waiting to be opened. So if you think im doing this for the lawlz youre wrong. I cant use my damn rig is why im doing this.
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