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Originally Posted by Flintblade View Post
That's exactly why i cant believe it would be the cpu. Arinoth wouldn't send me a bad cpu and I didn't do anything to it.

I bought the ram from zsam, but the board gives me an instant FF even with no ram meaning it has to be the board.
I dont buy that. Why did you blame Crossfire immediately before confirming your troubleshooting, and not blame Arinoth.

Until a swap/replace is done and every option in troubleshooting is done to confirm its the Motherboard, it could just as easily not be Crossfires Motherboard fault, and be Arinoths CPU, then.

You're only doing half a job right now. Either take your chances and RMA the board since you 'think' it is the board, or do a 100% job in troubleshooting before laying blame.
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