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All SSDs (with the exception of the 100/200 SF based ones...which have INSANE levels of over-provisioning and thus usually last even longer) will last a good long while.
The Intel is much faster then the Vertex 1 60GB at OS tasks. Its small 4k r/w speed simply blows the doors off the Indi 60's. 4K r/w speed is the most important number when it comes to picking a SSD for an OS. It is NOT the only one....but its a quick and dirty way of comparing. The only place the Intel will lose to the Indi is in large file transfer speed, such as game load times. BUT the dif will not be night and day. To get great low, mid and large file performance you have to step up to the Vertex 2. For a first time drive the Intel will be impressive. It is the one I would get if I was getting my first SSD. No need to spend twice the money UNLESS you want to. ;)
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