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My System Specs


Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Tubing look at 3/8" ID and 1/2" barbs if you haven't purchased that yet.

I'd definitely look at the 360 rad over the mcr320 just so you know that way you have the security and headroom for later as well.

350 is a good pump and if the inner part is blue you can mod it to a 355 for extra oomph if you wanted.
I just like the bigger tubing and plan on making some tight bends. I've already invested in some 1/2" ID 3/4" OD compressions. I'm happy about the pump as well, I'll see how it performs first and then consider the mod. I saw that when I googled the difference between the 350 and 355 :)

@Sushi - I am kind of limited with my choices, I can only have one rad. I have a silverstone Raven RV01 and I have to mount the rad on the back, which is fine by me, but it means I can only mount one rad...any size fits.

@lowfat - How were the cpu temps? Really I don't do any folding or run furmark, bc2 is about as demanding as anything will get for me. I had a problem with paint on one I had, no real issue for me.
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