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My System Specs


Yes, I did sell him this board. I received it from EVGA B-Stock. It does not come with a static bag. I literally opened the box, took a pic and closed it back up. I do not have a 1366 CPU to test it out so I would have no way of knowing if I shipped it out dead but since it came from EVGA I only assumed it would be fully working. As you yourself have stated, I have offered to help you with the RMA and that is all that I can do at this point. I have no way of knowing if I received it from EVGA dead, my own mishandling or if it was your own fault when putting it together.
There is not much I can do and I'd prefer to discuss this through pm's since there is not much other forum members can do other than offer possible solutions.

Maybe check if there's bent pins in the cpu socket?

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