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My System Specs


Oh man... don't make me listen to the temps/heat/wattage/power debate again. Why doesn't everyone who's ready to rant about this, go to a science class together, then duel each other with bunsen burners... that should qualify you to discuss the difference between heat and temperature. JEEZ! You people realize that 'flame war' wasn't meant to be taken literally right?

But back on topic... I don't get it? I'm a huge supporter of ATi's current lineup, and I've been really looking forward to the release of the 5890... why skip out on the current run, and jump to a new series of cards? There's more life in the current lineup, and very little BOTH sides can't do right now. Do we really need a new series that can play Crysis (an almost 4 year old game, that these guys are still in a pissing contest over) in a 4 billion x 3 billion resolution at no lower than 100 fps!? I'd much rather see the time put in to releasing a die shrink on the current lineup, and/or the reasonable jump the 5890 would show for the appropriate cost.

Besides... ATi's 'trump card' is their price point. They reach a much wider consumer audience that way. Everyone knows that Boardwalk and Parkplace are just for show. You win the game by finding the sweet spot between 'price to charge' and 'cost to build'.

Just my 2 cents...
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