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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Zillerz View Post
everyone who says GTX470/480 are hot beasts THEY'RE NOT!! noobs.

I have a GTX470 and I game every day GTA IV on MAX

I still play Crysis on Very High 1280x1024 NO LAG it doesn't even go higher than 80 degrees and 70% fan isn't loud at ALL

My buddy has a GTX480 and his card doesn't get hot at all, UNLESS HE RUNS Folding@Home for like 2 hours!!

I run folding@home i keep my fan at 70% its perfectly under 75 degrees and the fan isnt loud.

i love my GTX470 ur just jelous that NVIDIA is coming back with higher numbers

Edit: fixed mistakes
Just because the temperature is reasonable doesn't mean the card still isn't producing a lot of heat. Temperature and heat are not the same thing.
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