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What is your price range and OS.

IF you are using Windows 7 you have more options
If you are using Xp/Vists/etc you need a good drive with GOOD "ITGC" (self maintenance routines).

The absolute best bang for your buck first time SSD has to be the Intel X25-M gen 2. Has great performance and the manual trim option in its toolbox means its good for XP as well as windows 7. That is IF you have two bills to spend.

Corsair has a new SF based 40GB coming out. (and yes this is a hint for all the regulars). Good first time drive for Win 7. Not so much for XP (less than optimal ITGC on ALL SandForce based drives). Should be very reasonably priced.

Another good option for "bang for buck" is the orginal Vertex 1. Good ITGC, fairly good price now. 60GB of space if 40gb is not enough. Good for XP or Win 7. Not as fast as the Intel BUT if 2 bills out side your comfort range....its a viable option.
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