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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
That's almost like saying that blueray is the way of the future, so software companies should start using that format disk to distribute their product regardless of actual adoption by consumers....

As it stands, non user requested P2P eats up user resources, and possibly money. Until such time as we either come up with a special "commercial business P2P traffic" tag (which won't be blocked by ISPs as P2P, nor count against bandwidth use) or unlimited bandwidth becomes the norm (won't happen unless governments nationalize the lines into homes) I'd like business to keep their grubby little hands off of my bandwidth. Especially if they aren't being especially clear about the users' option to opt out.

If Nvidia and ATI can deliver the volume of drivers they do, at the speeds they manage to deliver them at, other business' can certainly do so as well.
My point is that the real problem is ISPs who are charging extortionate prices for bandwidth. Yes, P2P eating up your bandwidth sucks, but we're not going to get rid of that and chances are we'll start seeing even more of it as time goes on.
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