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I'll think about it but mostly I think I'm going to make another upgrade in this summer...I'm not really the kind of guy who sits comfortably with a xbox or ps3 controller..and its only gaming,pcs...multitasking and I gotta say that I love that..
Mostly I gotta change my mobo, cpu, gpu + another 2gb ram and another hdd..
That will go till something like 800$, if I'm lucky to sell the ones I owe right now I'll add some scratch and voila..
Right now I didn't even finish Call of duty 4, the witcher and gears of war..
Since I don't wanna make another thread, how much do you guys think I can get outta there: Asus M2N-E, Amd Athlon 64 X2 4600+, Arctic freezer 64 pro, XFX 7900GS ?
About 11 months old..
LE: about the hdtv thingie..I rarely sit down and watch tv shows or stuff when Im bored..and a good 46" is more like 1800-2000? plus the 500 console..2700-2800 and plus minimum a
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