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Default What RAM is best to OC

I am new here so if I am asking a redundant question please redirect my post.

I am building a new system with an E8400 chip (as soon as I can find one locally) and have not yet decided what MOBO to go with, either and SLI or Xfire board, don't think I will have it running in SLI or Xfire but want the dual slots just in case.

Saying that I have been doing lots of reading trying to make the right choice on my 1st major self build system. I want expandability and to learn how to OC.

That being said there are so many choices it is hard to make an informed decision on components for the best gear. As for RAM that stays true to course. Depending on who you ask people say OCZ over Crucial over Corsair over Mushkin... The list goes on.

I am prepared to spend the right $ for the right setup but am still very confused what to go with. I was almost set on the crucial ballistic until reading that the run extreamly hot.

In saying that I ask, what specific RAM will over me the best performance and OC headroom? Should I go with 1066 PC8500 or is 800 just as good?


Next I need to decide on a GPU!
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