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Here's my suggestions for you, keeping some of your suggested hardware and suggesting others..

All products are retail, unless otherwise stated and prices are from

Case: Silverstone FT02 Black $240
PSU: HX850 $170 or AX850 $200
Mobo: Asus P6X58D Premium $310
CPU: Intel Core i7 930 $290
CPU Cooler: CM Hyper 212 Plus $50
RAM: G Skill or Mushkin DDR3 1600 6GB 3x2GB $150
SSD: Intel X25-M 80GB $215
HDD: WD Caviar Black 1TB SATA3 $95
VID: Sapphire Vapor X HD5870 $430 or
VID: EVGA GeForce GTX470 $350 or
VID: EVGA GeForce GTX480 $505
OPTICAL: LG GH24LS50 DVD Writer $50 or
OPTICAL: LG UH10LS20 Blu-ray Reader/DVD Writer Combo $115 or
OPTICAL: LG WH10LS30 Blu-ray Writer $160
Card Reader: NMediaPC ZE-C118 $14
OS: MS Win 7 64Bit OEM Home $100 or Pro $140

Total Price: $2034 to $2369 plus taxes. Cheapest without SSD (2 x HDD): $1914 plus taxes.

As for BYO, yes you would be your own support tech, but you do have the help of many forum members here too Plus you'll save yourself hundreds of dollars, allowing you to get your monitor, keyboard, mouse, 2nd gpu, etc!

If you plan to do 3way CF/SLI, then go up to the HX1000/AX1200, otherwise your all good. I put in nvidia's offerings for a comparison and EVGA is great brand with excellent customer service and a lifetime warranty. XFX is another great brand with excellent customer service and a lifetime warranty if you get an ATI card.

Good luck with your build
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