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My System Specs


Ok so here are the news, I haven't been able to join the guys who done the review but I got an answer from 2 other people on Guru3D, one is another reviewer and another I think it<s a member I really don't know. They both tell me the same thing, here is a paste of it.

Hey martin-metal-88,
I think you made a great decision in regards to getting the MSI R5670 Cyclone 1GB graphics card. For the money its a great card and its also very capable in regards to overclocking potential. With that said the card can indeed handle the 99mV increase over the stock voltage, however keep in mind that all cards are different so your results may vary from the results that Hilbert got in the review.

You probably know this already but make sure you monitor your temps closely while over-volting the card since increasing the core-voltage can cause significant increases in temps. When I'm over-volting my card I always manually increase the fan speed to 100% to keep the temps as low as possible.

Also make sure you also monitor the clock-speeds (Core, Shader, and Memory) for thermal throttling. Even if the temps seem reasonable to you the card might start throttling clock-speeds which is a safety measure so that the card doesn't get damaged.

Last but not least, in my opinion it would be best to slowly and incrementally increase the clock-speeds until you start to get artifacts or stability issues. Only then should you start increasing the voltage to get the card stable at those clock-speeds. Then continue the process by incrementally increasing the clock-speeds again until you get stability issues or artifacts. Good luck and have fun!

So I play a little with the card all day long and here are the clock I have get out of it.
Core clock : from 775 to 970
Memory Clock : From 1010 to 1194

This is a seriously decent OC that please me alot and get this 120$ card to the level of a near 5750. Pretty good little monster:)

Thx alot guys!
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