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I really wouldn't say PC gaming is dieing, it's actually still out in large, and all the data you see for games bought seem to leave out the online sector. Also, for graphics wise, I'll admit, the PS3 is pretty, but saying that, I would love to see the thing to try and run crysis. Don't get me wrong, games like the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4 look drop dead gorgeous, but it still doesn't have the power which an good PC does. Speaking of which, having a computer that won't run games on the highest setting? My computer is no slouch, but it's nothing that blows specs out of the water; but yet, to date, I can play every game on the highest settings, other the Crysis, which I can only run on high.

As for money wise, yes, if you look at it from a money perspective, a console is the better way to go, which the current gen costing roughly 300-400, which will last for likely the next couple of years before you have to replace it. While a computer on the other hand, to keep up to date, an upgrade is required roughly every 6 months.

Third, the modding community is non-existence in the console world, and modding is what can turn a good game, into a great game. Without said tools, we would have never had Day of Defeat, Team Fortress Classic, Counter Stike, among others high end market games. And while it is getting better for consoles, as companies are now adding simple map editors, it still doesn't hold a light to what PC's can do.

Fourth, playing right off the disc is something that is quite lovely. Mind you, after installing games for the last 10 years, it doesn't really bother me, but non the less, the ability to stick the disc in and get playing, normally without even needing to patch is a blessing. Remember though, while PC's can't plug and play, we do normally get the better end of the loading times.

I could continue on if you really wish. Truthfully, comparing consoles to PC's is like comparing apples to pineapples, other then both having apple in the name, they are still completely different machines. And no, I'm not standing for one side over the other, I own consoles and I own PC's, both of which I use on a normal basis.

And before I forget, I just noticed the "no lag", I'm sorry to say, I've seen lag on the PS3, just like PC's, it has to do with your internet provider.
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