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Originally Posted by omgwtf View Post
Since pc gaming is pretty much dying...I'm considering looking at some of the next-gen consoles. I'm kinda sick of seeing every year putting my money into my beloved pc who after a couple of months will not go on high details at x game...
Plus most of the good games are first released on consoles...Believe that p2p sharing has a monster action in that...Gta IV isn't even announced to be released on the pc.
So let's say I get an E8400 or an Q6600 plus 3870...the next year I'm gonna have to change them again, and again..and again..
Mwell, a lot of you are gonna say to make the effort and go for the upgrade, i'm on a pc forum duh...but, isn't the console more logical?..or not?
I've seen the ps3 costs 400bucks ..that is pretty much doable..xcept the graphics will suck on my monitor..
I own a ps3 and it sits collecting dust cause when I play the games they look like utter crap on my ancient 27" tv.
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