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My System Specs


I received some pics today!

They have asked that I do not redistribute, and for now I'm going to abide by their wishes... a quick google search shows that this is one of the top threads even mentioning a Typhoon IV, so its easily traceable back to me.

If they leak anywhere else, I'll gladly link to them.

Anyways, if you have questions about the design please let me know. It looks like they've corrected all of the issues I had with the T3, but may have introduced some new ones.

The good:

The body is delrin/acetal now. No more acrylic and no more ugly joint either! Its a 2-piece body but it is screwed together now, presumably with an o-ring seal. The face is still acrylic, but the look is very clean.

They have added slots in the side of the body to accommodate 5-1/4 optical drive rails, so there should be no need to modify cases to fit these in.

The pump is now centrally mounted in the back, with the inlet/outlet ports at the 4 corners. There are still 2-inlets 2-outlets, so it will be dual-loop compatible again.

The pump mount is now cast into the back plate, and uses a retention system similar to the stock D5 top. Its just a large screw-on ring. (The pictures show it comes with a retention ring, so it does not use the stock hold-down at all).

The bad/unknown:

The pictures provided do not show any fill/drain ports. The front face is just a solid acrylic panel in the pictures, and there are no ports shown on the top either.

The mounting system for installing the reservoir in the case is not shown. (should have more info on this by next week)

Its tough to say for sure, but simply looking at the pictures the outlet design looks to be more restrictive than the T3, so it will be interesting to see how that effects performance.

Heres the email for reference:
We have pictures! Please see the links below. Please DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE. This means posting in forums or showing this to the public. This product has NOT been officially released!


As far our last hiccup, we are still on track to have the brackets here by the week of August 16.
Best Regards,

Customer Support

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