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I too am an active member on the Ncix forums, as well as Redflagdeals... This is just frustrating.

Inflated pricing? I think it does the complete opposite actually. If you have more members, you have to sell for less, because there is a higher offer than demand.

Anyway, I think it doesn't make sense. I am randomly posting (though trying to make a serious contribution through each post) in order to get my 25. I don't care for the forums, I just want to buy and sell stuff.

Not a reseller, just my personal stuff that I also have listed on RFD.

P.S. I don't think that posting from time to time when you want to sell stuff is aggravating to anyone if you have decent prices, and that you are a polite and reliable poster... How does that make anyone unhappy? Happy buyers because they get stuff at good price, happy sellers because they get money for stuff that is collecting dust. My 2 cents