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Originally Posted by Synth View Post
Ok, a few questions about foreign SIMs:

- Where does one buy a SIM card (for the US)? Online, in-store in the US?
- If you buy a foreign SIM, it's to use foreign pay-as-you-go services right?
- For traveling in the states, what provider should I go with? Verizon?

I'm kinda bummed that I saw the jailbreak/unlock was available only COMING BACK from California a couple of days ago - I sure could of used it then. But I want to be prepared for my next trip.
You can pick SIM's up in phone stores in the US, or wal-mart even. Sometimes its actually cheaper to buy the pay-as-you-go crap phones from Wal-Mart just for the SIM and free minutes. Thats what I usually do when I go on business.

It doesnt HAVE to be pay as you go, if you were doing a multi-month trip, a plan may be a better option. Just be sure to tell the company up front you only need cellular service for X time period, to avoid penalties.

Providers are just like up here, you have to shop around. AT&T, Verizon, and probably a dozen other phone companies exist in major city centers. Do your homework online before your trip to get the best rate.
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