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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Sagath View Post
I downgraded to 500 megs for 20 bucks. I'm around wifi too much to ever come close to 6GB. Most Ive ever used (Traveling for business for a whole month) was 350megs. My average is around 170 megs.

Anyone that uses anything close to 6GB over the cellular network for data probably has their phone plugged in A LOT to charge it. Or I guess tethering a laptop (now that its an option) could do it too. That still means you're plugged in all the time.
I think 1GB is more befitting. I've found on average, even with heavy usage, I'll be hitting 800 megs. That's with a lot of browsing on non-mobile websites, lots of pictures, videos, etc. I suppose if you limit your usage a wee bit, 500MB will just suffice. Anyhow, people also tether for their laptops (not possible on Telus, they can and will catch you. Someone got dinged with a $1000+ bill for doing it because their backend detects tethering).
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