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1) Alright looks like I'll switch out to the petra top to allow for proper barbs as the ones on this pump are stuck and do not come out.

2) Would these fans do good?

3) Pick a couple sets of these [] up for the rad and top. I know the petra comes with them but I want to achieve as much flow as possible and would rather use high flow barbs.

4) Bowed the Apogee GT already.. pretty easy just stuck both parts in the freezer which made the o-ring "sticky" when it came in touch with the warm air. Is a gap normal between the copper plate and the black housing? I blew air through it and didn't hear any leaks, but I guess when I leak test I'll know.

5) This is what I was referring to with the quick disconnect [] .. and curious how it would impede flow.

6) Tubing will be this []
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