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Thanks for advice, guys! You made me reconsider.

So, I'm going to purchase either Nvidia GTX 460 or Radeon HD5830 or HD5770.

Here comes the classis Ati vs. Nvidia dilemma.
The last Ati I used to own was the Radeon 9600 and it gave me a lot of issues. Like for example I remember not being able to play Lock-on and some other games due to freezes, BSODs', etc..

Do Atis' still have these compatibility issues?

I still want to be able to play some even 10 year old games, like Starlancer or I-War 2 because there aren't good space-sims released nowadays.

As for these bottlenecking issues, clearly my CPU would be slowing the HD5870 down big time! But the question is how much? Do you think there would be gap in terms of performance between HD5870 and HD5770?
(I'm a regular Battlefield BC2 player, one of my friends also went for the doublecore + HD5870 combination and he can run it almost maxed out. Do you think I'll be doing just as fine with a weaker video card?)

As for the power supply
current - 400W
For the HD5870 I was going to get a 600W
But 500W should be enough for Nvidia GTX 460, Radeon HD5830 or HD5770, right?
I should also mention that my other devices are 2-3 HDDs and 1x DVD-rom.
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