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My System Specs


First and foremost you have a major issue here: the pump has 3/8 barbs that cannot be changed. Unless you change the top for a Petra ( and add 1/2 barbs. Now this will cost you more than a MCP655.

1. Yes, done it many times. Simply drop the end of the tube in hot (almost boiling) water for 10 seconds before inserting it on the barb.
2. Yes, but see comment above regarding barb size.
3. Same comment as Babr.
4. Never seen a quick-disconnect fitting made for water-cooling parts. The ones that I have seen (for other applications) have too much restriction.
5. Probably, depends on the tube wall thickness though. In doubt, use worm-gear clamps.
6. G1/4 is the thread size, shape and pattern. Here's a great definition: Barb Sizes Explained - Coolercases UK - Forums
7. Definitely go for metal barbs everywhere. I used to work with the Swiftech plastic barbs, until one broke inside the rad hole. It took an "easy-out" to remove the broken thread section from the rad hole.

Again, double-check those barbs on the pump, and consider your options. FYI, I have used 3/8 tubing on both Quads I own - works just as well as 1/2 tubing.
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