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1) Yeah, soak the end in hot water, and it'll slide over with a little effort. Definitely use metal barbs, though.

2) Petra's top works fine, although the improvements on the MCP350 aren't anywhere as pronounced as they are on the MCP355.

3) According to HWL, the Stealth is optimized for lower speed fans, while the Extreme is the one that needs the more powerful fans. The Stealth's fins are dense, but they're also much thinner, and the whole rad is quite thin, which should let you get away with weaker fans.

4) Dunno. You're almost guaranteed to give up a little bit of flow by using them, but I wouldn't expect it to amount to very much at lower flow-rates.

5) Technically, you can use compression fittings, but they have a tendency to pinch tubing that's not the exact right size.

6) If it's referring to a barb, it'll be designed for 1/2" tubing, with G1/4 threads. Pretty standard stuff.

7) Wouldn't bother with compression fittings, unless you're after the appearance. They usually give up 0.5-1 mm of internal diameter, and don't necessarily seal any better. And that's if the tubing is the proper size.
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