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My System Specs


1) never done it, but I've heard of people doing it- probably wouldn't even need compression fittings
2) I wouldn't worry too much about petra tops- they are available for these pumps and they do improve flow and I think they might make it a little quieter, but not neccessary to order another $25-30 part if you're on a budget.
3)Yeah- high CFM fans make those rads really rip. I use the 25mm thick panaflos- not just high CFM, but alot of 'torque' or pushing power against denser fin resistance
4)not sure what you mean, but I doubt it.
6)G1/4 is the thread- don't worry about it.
7)upgrading the rad barbs? i though you wanted the 1/2" barbs that were on the rad
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