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Default Water Cooling Attempt

Ok so heres the parts I have... now I got this for a good deal so I'm gonna make it work with what I have but I want some expert opinions on the gear and what it will take to make this work well.

Pump: Swiftech MCP350 []

CPU Block: Swiftech Apogee GT

RAD: HW Labs Black Ice GT Stealth240

Now the rad comes with 1/2" metal barbs which is perfect but the block does not so the questions to follow:

1) I want to use 7/16" ID (5/9 OD); will this fit over 1/2" barbs? I hear people warm up the tube and force it over (no big deal)

2) Is this pump upgradeable to put the Petra top onto it? Or is this pump plenty for most usage?

3) What type of fans should I use with this rad? I heard high cfm fans work best?

4) Does anyone know if there are are quick disconnect fittings that will work without losing flow?

5) Can you use compression fittings for 1/2" with 7/16"?

6) What does something like D-TEK Customs 1/2IN G1/4 refer to with the G1/4?

7) Would upgrading the rad and cpu block barbs to those stated ^ work well with the cpu block and rad?
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