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Default Need Help with RAID 5.

Fellow HW Canucks.

I've been meaning to build a system that's dedicated for downloading and acting as an all-purpose file server. Of course, I am considering using RAID 5. I'm looking at installing 8 - 10 hard drives.

But I'm very much contemplating how I should build the RAID. I had some debate with coworkers whether or not I should be using Software or Hardware based RAID. I'm not really interested in performance since there will only be me and my family who will have access to the computer. I would like some redundancy but these are not really critical data.

I've already read the wikipedia's explanation of RAID.
It doesn't go too much in-depth in terms of advantage and disadvantage of Software and Hardware RAID.

Also, is RAID 5 ideal or should I be considering a different RAID setup?

Any insights, links, information would be greatly appreciated.

Enlighten me!!!
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