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My System Specs

Smile New Builds

It looks like you'll be building quite a machine. If you're really going to that extreme, look at the Asus ROG III.
The EVGA is a good board, but the ROG series of boards are top notch.
The memory choice is off a bit because it doesn't appear to be tri channel. While dual channel will work, in his case you'll want tri channel. Corsair does have 4gb sticks for 12gb or 24. 12 should be more than enough.
Your choice for SSD is unfamiliar to me. Consider looking at OCZ,Corsair or Intel for your OS.
I like your choice of Velociraptor HDD and would mention getting 2 of those and 1 WD 1tb. You can always add another later on.
I also like your choice of case. Have a look at the HAF X as well. Hot swappable HDD bays in the front, external. Usb 2 externals as well..It also comes with a support bracket for multiple gpus and also has a bracket for adding an extra fan behind the gpus to assist in cooling them. It also has 9 slots in the back instead of the usual 7 for multiple gpus.
For cpu cooling, Noctua or Prolimatech are good choices. I'm not familiar with the V10.
For the gpu, forget the Asus Ares as it really isn't a good performer compared to others. Check the reviews section. I would look at EVGA 480 GTX cards. Lifetime warranty helps and gives piece of mind. They also have great support in case of issues.
As for the psu, I would go with your choice of Corsair's new modular AX, however the 1000w HX would be sufficient.
As for the keyboard and mouse,it really is a matter of preference/comfort. The new Cyborg R.A.T 7 is quite innovative and adjusts to suit an individuals preferences.

All in all, this will be 1 kickass system. While it probably isn't necessary, look at Win7 Ult. 64 bit for your OS.Good luck wit hthe build and enjoy your new beast!!!
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