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Post Opinion for New PC Build Up

Hello guys,Newbie here,I bn reserchin to build up new PC.So i needed reviews fro my specs.

Motherboard:-EVGA x58 3x sli classified(E760)
Processor:-Intel i7-980X
Ram:-Corsair 16 gb (4*4GB) 1600 MHz
HDD:-WD Caviar Black 1TB*2
Velociraptor 600 gb
siliconedge blue 256gb ssd
optical drive:-Sony Blu-Ray DVD Burner
Case:-CM HAF 932
Cpu Cooler:- CM V10(Choiced) , V8 //Corsair H50 //Noctua NH D14// Thermaltake Frio//Prolimatech Maegahelms....any better u suggest(perfromance,cooling)
GPU:-ASUS ARES (5870*2) 4gb *2 (Choiced) ..MATRIX 5870 2 gb //EVGA gtx 480 1.5 gb superclocked,,
PSU:-Corsair AX 1200W (Choiced) //Thermaltake Toughpower 1500W.....looking for 1500W+
keyboard:-Razer lycosa mirror//Logitech G150(Latest)
Mouse:-Razer Mamba,,imperator
Monitor:--Samsung 23" LED
Fan controller:-Any better u suggest ....5+ controller LCD

These are list of my specs....I Know its a heck a lot of things.......
Any suggestion,advice,recommendation would be greatly appreciated...
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