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Default Thermaltake Level 10 and Megahalem

Hello there,

I was wondering if anyone here at Hardwarecanucks had any experience with the Level 10 Case of Thermaltake.

Now from researching, I'd say theoretically (after comparing the datasheets of the case and the cpu cooler), the Megahalem won't fit. But .. I came across a site (Link 1), where a user claims, that his Megahalem actually seems to be fine in his Level 10 case! So I'm pretty confused right now, because I was about to order a V10 instead of the Megahalem, and I'd actually prefer the Megahalem over the V10 .. and please don't flame me for choosing a case over a better cpu cooler xD that's just how I am.

The funny thing is, Thermaltake even mentions the Megahalem in the FAQ of the Level 10, but they won't answer if it fits, instead they just mention the height limitation.


Link 1: Thermaltake Level 10 Aluminum ATX Super Full Tower Gaming Station Computer Case VL30001N1Z (Black ) |

Level 10 FAQ: Thermaltake Global > Product > Chassis > FullTower > Level10 > VL30001N1Z


Summary - Will the Megahalem fit into the case or not?

Thanks in advance for the help!

It's been years since I've last built a PC from scratch. I've been working on macs the past few years, but here I am, .. back from the living dead xD

Here's the Build I'm working on right now, I'd love to hear your suggestions and opinions.

New Build (updated 09/08/2010):
Cooler Master HAF X
In Win 1500W
Corsair Dominator-GT 3x2GB Triple Channel Kit
EVGA X58 4-Way SLI Classified
Intel Core i7 930
Prolimatech Megahalems
Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB

I'm not going to build in an optical drive, since I have no need for one. Additionaly I still have my macs around which can do the job as well if ever needed :P

I received word from Thermaltake regarding the Megahalem and the Thermaltake Level 10 case - here we go:

Thank you for your email.

Yes, we wrote the CPU cooler height limitation on our Level 10 FAQ is 150mm for cooler installation safety.
However, we did install our SPINQ VT (159mm) in our level 10 chassis but itís light touch to the top pipe.

So we donít really recommend user use the CPU height over 150mm, but not if user is really care about it.

so it will fit in, just in case if anyone wonders .. but I believe it'll influence the airflow in the case, if there even is such a thing in that crowded chassis lulz.

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