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Talking iOS4 jailbreak + unlock user impressions

Hey guys,

As you may well know, a recently discovered flaw in MobileSafari enables iPhone 4 users to jailbreak their phones simply by visiting a webpage designed to exploit the said flaw.

The Dev Team have also released a carrier unlock for this jailbreak.

Just an FYI: A new DMCA exemption was approved by the Library of Congress, specifically allowing jailbreaking, thus the links I have posted above SHOULD NOT be against forum rules.


Now, on to user impressions...

The jailbreaking process is VERY straightforward: you simply navigate to the website cited above and agree to let Cydia make you life easier (as prompted on the browser's page). The process lasts less than 10 minutes.

After a reboot, you are ready to start using Cydia (the other app store).

If you wish to perform a carrier unlock on your iPhone, simply navigate to the "Search" tab within Cydia, and look up ultrasn0w (1.0-1). Install.

Up to this point, WIFI and 3G are unaffected by the jailbreak/unlock. There is no performance degradation. The official App Store is also usable and fully functional.


Compatible Cydia apps with iOS4:

There are a couple of compatibility lists floating on the web - but right off the bat, my fav useful apps (Five icon dock, Remove Recents, SBSettings and WinterBoard) are fully functional.



For getting the most out of your iPhone, the latest jailbreak/unlock just might be the ticket. The process is easy, and very rewarding.


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