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Default low heat emission power supply (fanless?)

so i have a triple rad in the from of my 9 bay case, it sucks air from the side and back and pushes it out the front (my case looks like a thermaltake viking case, but isnt). So if i get a regular PSU with a fan it will compete for air space with my triple rad. My proposed solution is to get a 'fanless PSU' , and make aluminum heatsinks that connect the PSU chips to the top of my case (this has large surface area and should be a sufficient heat sink) .

But before i start machining heatsinks, are there are already fanless PSUs? i need about ~700 watts.

Oh and dont worry about the graphics card, this one is going to be a server build (still not sure what im going to do about those 16 dimms though, maybe ill add them to the WC look after the CPUs)
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