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My System Specs


Actually thanks for all the replies but power saving has nothing to do with why I want to do t his :) Yes I am aware that cycling on/off consumes more power, it's just that the 2nd HDD will have multi purpose, it will bootable and will also serve as storage and there are going to be very long periods where I won't need to use it so it would be a waste to leave it on 24/7, more heat more wear for nothing. The reason I do not want to use USB enclosure, because it's USB :D and those controllers used are very limited, even at USB2..... I guess I will end up probably buying an eSATA enclosure :D but I already have collected enough enclosures to open a store, they are not too old and they work great. and they are useful to me for specific tasks I need to do where speed is not an issue. But for this specific need, I will be requiring faster speeds to complement.
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