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AMD purchasing ATI served a few purposes actually. The most important was chipsets, allowing AMD to now make their own motherboards, and including integrated graphics with them. They can now sell entire AMD systems without relying on their enemies.

They have expanded their product and marketplace by a huge amount, with their hands now into laptops, cell phones, consoles. Some might argue they have expanded themselves too much, but remember ATI was operating on it's own, they are just learning to work together now.

But I think in the future it could have bigger implications. Think about socketed GPU's. It's been an idea tossed around before, but often knocked down because of the idea that memory need a fast direct connection like you have on a graphics card. But you never know, with the increasing power requirement.

But AMD is now competing with Intel and nVidia, and they want to take away Intel's integrated graphics lead, and become the leader in both CPU and Graphic sales.

But Intel is looking to re-enter the descrete graphic mark, to compete with ATI and nVidia.

Whatever happens, it's all just insane. Something is always happening in the computer market. It's far more exciting than the console market.
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