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Default How to turn off individual hard drives through software

I keep my system on 24/7 usually and I will be adding a 2nd HDD to it, however I do not want to keep that one on 24/7 and want to keep it for temp storage. That secondary drive will also be made bootable as well, and no I do not want to use it in an external enclosure but inside my system. Both are SATA2 running in IDE emulation mode.

Here's what I am looking for. Is there a software utility that will allow me to individually shut off hard drives in my system ? I reckon back in the days I used a utility that did that under the windows console where you told it which drive # to turn off and it did..... I am using Windows 7 64bit. Remember, I am not talking about the power option in windows, I want to shut down ONLY the 2nd drive and keep the 1st one running. Once I want to use it I would turn it on, again through software.

Is there such a thing, would really be very happy if there is.
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