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My System Specs


When I first signed with Telus, reception wasn't the geatest and I would get dropped calls sometimes, but they've must of dont some work out here cause for the past few years reception has been great. Not sure about 3G as I've never had a data plan, so can't comment on speeds and such. I had one bad experience with some grumpy CSR chick and funny enough my call dropped while I was talking to her so she gave me a discount on my next bill lol. I called in the other day to activate a new old phone and got through right away and the rep was kind and friendly.

I've also been waiting for them to launch the HTC Desire before I resign my contract. Have they launched it yet? I hope you're right on it being $80 for a 3year contract. Maybe I can even get it for free if I push. I HAVE been with them for almost 6 years now.
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