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My System Specs


I've been with telus for 6 years now I believe and I can't really complain about their service. I get pretty crumby reception around my home but everywhere else seems to be okay. It probably doesn't help I have a POS phone though. I extended my contract in September for 1 year when they were rolling out their HSPA network so that I wouldn't get stuck with a CDMA phone during the transition and they offered a solid plan for the meantime. Conveniently, with only a month left in the contract, I drop my phone into a rubbermaid container of ice water on the weekend and the screen now only displays a white background. Looks like loyalty and retention will be getting a call shortly from me.

Back to the phone though, The only 2 current smart phones I would consider from telus right now are the Milestone and the Desire. The Hero is solid but it most likely won't get Froyo. I've been on the Telus website checking for the desire to be available for the last 2 days, but it's still in the "coming soon" state. It's going to be a bad ass phone as far as i'm concerned. Not sure what pricing will be on it though.
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