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Originally Posted by Behemoth- View Post
I've been able to disable WDidle on my 2tb ears bought on early july. These drive were used in a raid 1 array until the server's mobo died.. I also tried to run 'em in raid 5 to figure out if this could work in software raid without TLer, and I got no problem so far. But 2TB drives in raid 5 with a 500GB HD are kind of a waste..
So WDidle3 did the job? That is the only reason I've been overlooking WD Green drives. Too much hassle. Also, I read that WD Align is not the best program to work with.

Samsung drives are expensive ($/gb) but my preferred drive, whether it's the EcoGreen or the F1/F3 7200 drives.

Why are people comparing totally different drives (7200 v.s. 5400)? :) If you want storage, it's reasonable to pursue a lower power 5400 drive. If you need your drive to be quick for booting and can't get a SSD yet, then a 7200 drive is probably the best choice? For OS boot drives, I'd say the main choices are Samsung F1 or F3 and WD Blacks. Hitachi drives are good. Imho, the top brands in terms of reliability and all-around good design is Hitachi and Samsung. Look at the benches and compare the power/'ll see.

However, Hitachi doesn't have a 'Green' drive yet so if you get it for storage, it's a high speed 7200rpm. It's better suited as a boot drive. But, Samsung and WD probably have the best OS drives right now.

Anyway, when Samsung drives go on sale, I'd go for them if you have the cash!
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