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Default HTC Desire on Telus

So what are you guy's thoughts on the HTC Desire on Telus? Both opinions on the the phone and Telus would be great.

Never owned a smartphone before, nor have I used any contract-service. By most standards, I'm probably the lightest cellphone user around here. However, I'd like to have a better phone WiFi and 3G will be nice so I can browse the web on the go and what not.

The phone itself seems solid. Mainly good reviews on it. Rumour has it will be $449 without contract, and $79.99 on a 3-yr contract. Seems quite reasonable IMO.

Regarding Telus though, I know some will say they're good others will say they're terrible (like any other provider around), so if we set customer service aside, how about actual network reliability and signal across Ontario? Don't typically travel too far outside of Toronto/GTA, but the odd time I go further up north to cottage country.

And is a 3yr contract worthwhile? Or should I just buy the phone outright and pay by the month? Either way it's $50/month.
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