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I have access to 2 different computers using integrated video. One is an i3 530 and the other has HD 4200. From what I understood, the integrated video of AMD (HD4200) is more powerful than the one from Intel. However, there is no noticeable difference in terms of performance.
I know I have played blu-ray movies on the i3 530 system and it played fine (after having a few problems). Actually both systems managed to play Starcraft 2 on low details.

As others have said, you need to check to be sure that the mobo you choose supports the use of 2 digitals output at the same time. Usually there is no problem for VGA + DVI or VGA + HDMI, but HDMI + DVI isn't the norm. I doubt you will find an integrated mobo with 2 DVI connections, so you will have to use some HDMI to DVI cable.
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