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My System Specs

Default AHCI no longer works?

Well it seems my "server" is acting up (and I'm about to just replace it) but I'll ask for your advice here first.

It died sometime this morning, wouldn't boot up into Windows, just a black screen after the progress bar. Decided to try a reinstall, which went normally and everything was working fine. Shut it down to move it back to it's typical home and it was dead again. This time stuck on the AHCI BIOS screen. Can't get past that now no matter what I try.

Specifications are:
4x1GB OCZ Platinum Rev2 DDR2-800
Dual Intel Gigabit CT PCIe NICs
6x SATA2 hard drives (varying sizes of WD, Seagate, Samsung)
Antec EarthWatts 380D

It can get past POST and all on IDE mode, but I can't boot into Windows. Should also be noted I'm using dynamic disks for mirroring on the OS drive and my other storage drives.

All cables are snug and re-seated many times. CMOS has been cleared multiple times too.

So any suggestions? I'm at a loss...
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