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Cable ties are an acquired taste - they work, but I don't like them myself. There's a very small dead zone near the clinch point where there's less pressure, which makes me nervous. And tightening them enough to eliminate that issue (in my own mind) requires a fair bit of pulling force, which yanks the barb sideways against its mounting, which also makes me just a little nervous. But they're cheap and disposable, and lots of people have absolutely no trouble with them. At the very least, if you use them, use them in pairs, with the clinch points opposite each other.

It's hard to tell for certain if those clamps will tighten down enough, as the picture doesn't show how far the tightening slots on the band actually. At a guess, I would say that they should be okay, since it's only 1/16" difference between the clamp's max and your tube O.D. With worm gear clamps, the rule of thumb that I've always used is to tighten them down enough that the band sinks just slightly into the tube surface. (In the future, you may want to consider the 1/2"-3/4" tubing, as the thicker walls are much more resistant to kinking, but that's another issue altogether.)

As for putting both tubes through the one hole - personally, I wouldn't worry about it. The tubing is obviously compressing slightly, but looking at the picture, I can't see the inside cross-sectional area being any smaller than with 3/8" tubing, and it's known that you give up very little performance with 3/8" tubing over 1/2". So I can't see one little point like that being much of an issue at all. And with the other routing, that kink could actually get worse once the system warms up and the tubing softens slightly.
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