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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
My XP laptop's wireless G connection was behaving poorly with speedtest results showing somewhere around 3 Mbps with no other load on my bandwidth while direct connections through the LAN were showing much closer to the 10 Mbps I'm paying for.... I had initially thought that it might be related to the wireless network printer I've just recently started running, but knowing that XP networking can be tweaked for better performance I gave the following program from a shot (nothing fancy.... just used the optimized button).

|MG| TCP Optimizer 3.0.3 Download

I'm happy to report that my DL speeds have gone back up to around 8 Mbps which works for me.

Not sure if there would be much use in running it on a vista/win7 machine, but certainly a painless way to maximize connection speeds under XP.
Apparently they actually updated it to be Vista/7 compatible just recently. Although I agree they fixed things a lot from XP, might help a little.
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