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Default Please help with water cooling stuff.


just need a little help, first i have a swiftech MCR 320 drive radiator that i bought 2 months ago. it has integrated pump/res so i just bought a swiftech apogee XT waterblock and tubing to go with it and a rad box.

I set it up and leak tested, which apparently wasnt a good idea, because it had a big kink near the barb, after moving the tubing later it leaked. so i assume the big kink caused it after moving the tubing?.

I have not tried to use it since, the main problem is getting the tubing through my antec 1200, every time i put the tubing through the 2 separate holes it was kinking at the barb. I removed the rubber grommets and discovered i can fit both tubes through just 1 of the premade holes, it is a little squeeze but seems to fit fine.

picture of what it looks like connected through both premade case holes

and what it looks like through one of the premade holes

and what the tubing looks like this way from the radiator

So would it work alright this way?

lastly, i am not fussed on the plastic clamps that came with it, so i ordered some jubilee clips from here Zinc Plated Worm Drive Hose Clip for 3/4" (19mm) Outer Diameter Tubing : Jubilee |Specialtech UK Water Cooling Shop

now the part i am confused about is the size of the clips & my tubing, my tubing is masterkleer 1/2 ID and 11/16" OD, the jubilee clips are for 1/2" ID 3/4" OD (19mm apparently) why can't they list the same sizes it will fit as the tubing? is it the right size?.

and one last thing, i scraped a little paint off my rad by accident by using pliers unstead of a spanner/wrench to tighten the barbs.. should the barbs be ok? they were a bit sharp after i did it.

Long post but i need just a bit of advice, thanks
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